Thomas Edison created them. We're carrying on the tradition.

Edison BulbsThe Vintage Lighting Company is proud to bring you our elegant vintage Edison bulbs in a wide range of designs. Whatever the event or occasion, our bulbs are guaranteed to light up your night!

Nothing builds a cozier atmosphere better than an Edison Bulb. Whether it is an indoor or outdoor setting, you and your guests would just love the ambient glow and old fashioned look of these bulbs.

The bulbs look equally good in home settings as in restaurants, hotels, and cafes.


Edison Bulbs

Original Design Recreated

Our vintage bulbs are based on the original designs created by the great Thomas Edison. Like the originals, our bulbs use carbon filaments which are intertwined to create a light distribution that is unique. Our bulbs retain the glass shape of the hand-blown style of the original bulbs and offer an amber glow which creates a charming and nostalgic ambiance.

Why Buy From Us

Our expertise in creating vintage Edison light bulbs is second to none. Our bulbs create a soft, nostalgic, romantic light that you will just love.

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  • We offer high-quality bulbs
  • Our bulbs are long lasting (2500-3000 hours)
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Antique Edison Light Bulbs